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Sonia CesaroniTranslator - Interpreter since 1981
Native Italian speaker
English and German


Rates and Conditions


The quantity of the text is based on the word count - character count (including spaces) performed by Microsoft Word. In general, the Terms of Business established by A.I.T.I. (Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti) will be applied. 

Basis for calculation
  • rate per word in which case, the source language (original text) will be taken as a basis for calculation
  • rate per line/page in which case, the target language (translated text) will be taken as a basis for calculation
  • 1 line = 50/55/60 characters (including spaces)
  • page according to A.I.T.I  = 1,375 characters = 25 lines containing 55 characters
  • standard page = 1,500 characters = 25 lines containing 60 characters
  • "legal" page = 1,250 characters = 25 lines containing 50 characters
In Germany it is customary to take a line containing 55 characters as a basis for calculation (including spaces), considering the presence of compound words.

Minimum fee = 1 page

Rates are calculated net of VAT and INPS (social security tax) and including withholding tax, where applicable.

Interpreting services

A day is considered to be 7 working hours.

The minimum fee applicable is that for half a day.


  • Urgent texts:   + 30%
  • Original text available only in hard copy: + 15%
  • Power Point: + 15%
  • Interpreting services abroad: + 20%
Payment methods
  • Bank transfer or
  • Moneybookers

The weight of words........

and not words by weight