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Sonia CesaroniTranslator - Interpreter since 1981
Native Italian speaker
English and German


                    Activity sectors

Patents and Trademarks - Translation of patent and trademark descriptions as well as all relative disputes arising from the same, carried out mostly for an Italian patent office for over 20 years

Contracts, Legal Documents, Motor Log-books - Including sworn translations of court rulings, summonses, attachments,  appeals etc... also carried out on behalf of the District Attorney's Office in Ancona.

Technical Standards and Regulations -  (Mainly DIN standards) relative to various technical sectors

Technical specifications - Manuals - Operating instructions

Safety data sheets of all kinds

Terms of contract and Specifications for the Building Sector - Prefabricated constructions in reinforced concrete, tunnel and railway constructions etc...

Bituminous Waterproofing Membranes - Technical specifications of the relevant production line including palletization of the end product, as well as laboratory tests

Electrical household appliances - Boilers, dishwashers, washing machines: catalogues and technical specifications

Printed circuit boards - Technical specifications of PCBs and technical descriptions of machinery for the production of PCBs

Automation (System Analysis Tools)

Electrical machinery and equipment - Technical specifications of switches, transformers, electrical circuits, wiring etc...


Shipbuilding - Technical specifications for yachts

Furniture, Kitchen and Bathroom accessories/equipment - Technical specifications and catalogues

Agricultural machines - Technical specifications for sowing machines, seed drills, fertilizer spreaders, side-delivery rakes, tillers etc...

Machinery in general – Material testing machines, machine tools, marble cutting machinery, sand blasters, wire cutting machines, wire bending machines, plastic coating machines, packaging machines, winding machines etc...

Musical instruments -

Medicine and Veterinary texts

Automobile sector/Cars & Trucks Various specifications

Cosmetics - Explanatory leaflets for various products